ScottBumgarner2016   Since this US Presidential Election began in earnest, I have tried to wrap my mind around: “Why Liberals believe that Hillary Clinton is a vivable choice for President of the United States.” Considering the fact that she is a proven liar, and corruption is rampant in her Clinton Cartel, what do average American … More WHY DO LIBERALS and DEMOCRATS BELIEVE IN HILLARY

Truck Air Horn

ScottBumgarner2014 My late Dad, Tom Bumgarner, was a truck driver all of his life beginning at age 15 and ending when he retired at 65, in 1983. Dad quit school when he was 15 to go to work, and help his family, on the high plains near Springlake, Texas. His driving career began not long … More Truck Air Horn

A Long Golf Shot

ScottBumgarner 2013   Back in the middle to late ‘90s, Nettie’s boss Dr Tom Shea gave us the use of his condo in Vail Colorado for a week. We ran around with another couple and traveled on trips, vacations, and weekenders together. We invited Jimmie and Larry Simpson to spend this week in Vail with … More A Long Golf Shot

A Cup of Tea

ScottBumgarner 2013   When my wife Nettie was making up her grocery list last week, I requested that she pick up a box of cinnamon tea for late night drinking before bed. My daughter Alicia and son-in-law Denny were coming home Friday night to spend Thanksgiving with us, a week ahead of time. My daughter … More A Cup of Tea

Used Bricks

ScottBumgarner ©2013   In 1962, the original Artesian Hotel located in Sulphur Oklahoma, burned to the ground. This fine old lady was originally opened in 1906, and had courted one US President, and lot of famous people. In 1963, Gene Feliciano, originally of San Francisco California; but, living in Davis Oklahoma at the time, submitted … More Used Bricks