ScottBumgarner 04/26/16   Spring is that time of year when winds rotates and blows creates worry and fear  exploding into highs and lows.   Warm air and cool air collide causing hail to form and fall. Scatters stones far and wide created by a dry-line squall.   Big monster is a comin’ mean and very … More RITES of SPRING


The world is in bad shape time for all to forget and forgive. Around the corner is our fate We should all stand and live.   People are hate filled and mad many choose to kill World has become very sad For some killing is a thrill.   Generations raised without the Lord, They don’t … More IT IS TIME


As I strolled among the trees I let out a sigh while inhaling the breeze felt like I could fly.   Waiting for the Call while continuing my walk Trying to stand tall ready with God to talk.   I heard his gentle word during a deep, deep sleep. After He and I concurred I … More STANDING TALL


When man is considered useless he slowly dies inside Everything seems baseless He only wants to hide. Man lies down to die seems no one cares Truth seems like a lie Life no longer seems fair. Living a life of pain Getting older alone Treated by disdain Ready to go home. Always felt adopted No … More DYING INSIDE


As I travel the roads of life, Seeing sights along the road I see lives of strife trying to shoulder their load I see people in sorrow and pain they just go with the flow They simply follow and not complain and they never seem to grow Some seem happy but most are sad others … More ROADS of LIFE


From one to twelve I was a boy and I played with a toy, From thirteen to nineteen I was a teen somewhat smart not too keen From twenty to thirty-five I was a young man heavier and taller in my stand From thirty-six to fifty-five I was a stand up guy while middle age … More THROUGH THE YEARS

Our Love

ScottBumgarner2014   Wish I could write a song about You and Me Wouldn’t be too long a few lines of two or three. Tell how we met a long time ago story of no regret with a loving flow. Everyday is a new day of love You and Me are one We fit like a … More Our Love