Received as an email. If you truly love America as a true American, you must read this and take it to Heart. May God Bless Our Beautiful America.



I have tried over the years to not be too political or espouse my views on my friends and family; you all already know where I stand.  You all know I have spent eight glorious years defending this great country as a U.S. Marine and continue to serve and protect this great country for the past 18 years and counting as a police officer.  I have wisely chosen to not engage in Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media basically because I prefer to keep my blood pressure in check and not expose myself to the stupidity and liberalism that engulfs such hyperbole. 

I send this email today because I can no longer silently sit back and watch as our country is being disseminated from within.  Some of you may simply delete this email (and if you do, please delete my contact info as well), some may cheer it, some may forward it and some yet, hopefully, will read the attached articles below, and make an educated decision to actually promote this great country.  Don’t believe everything you see on the largely edited mainstream media or what you hear while standing around the water cooler at work; do your homework and make educated, sound decisions based on your core values as an American. 

The recent election of President Trump has stirred a lot of controversy regarding his decisions, swift actions and ensuing Executive Orders, namely the one putting a moratorium on refugees entering America from mostly Muslim countries.  I can tell you that over the past several decades, every single president in American history – both Democrat and Republican, have preached about this exact same crisis facing America.  Only President Trump has chosen to actually do something about it.  As a Marine, I have spent time in many Muslim dominated countries and can tell you firsthand that Muslims, as a whole, do not care for America or Americans.  They are focused on spreading Islam and world domination – that’s it! 

I send this email today not because I am against legal immigration.  I send this today because I want to protect America!  I am 100% behind President Trump’s moratorium banning refugees from the Muslim states that have outright declared Jihad (Holy War) against America.  I know what it takes to protect and defend this country as I have sacrificed doing it.  For those who have not, it’s time you listen to those who have; those who have seen the atrocities committed by the inhabitants of these banned countries.  I understand that America is “a land of immigrants.”  The difference we face today is the immigrants no longer wish to assimilate to America. Their goal is to come here, reap the benefits of their new found America and rape this country for all its worth.  They intend to make their own culture, speak their own language, study their own religion, follow their own laws and no one else’s – they do not want to be Americans. 

Following the Presidential Inauguration and his subsequent Executive Order, there were numerous marches, protests and riots; scores of savages and vandals smashing out storefront windows, looting and burning police cars.  I was there in D.C. and saw it firsthand.  I’ve never understood how this kind of criminal behavior is supposed to further one’s agenda.  Women “marching” calling Trump a womanizer all the while wearing hats shaped like giant vaginas on their heads and holding the hand of their little girl in one hand and signs in the other with vulgar language like the word “pussy” and “Fuck Trump.”  I just don’t get it.  When Clinton and Obama won the presidency I wasn’t on the street acting like a savage even though I did not vote for them.  I simply waited until the next election and cast my vote for my candidate.  Perhaps I was too busy working to get involved…or perhaps I view the First Amendment a little differently than most.  I’m all for peaceful demonstration but not condoning criminal behavior under the guise of “free speech.”

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbuck’s Coffee, recently condemned President Trump’s refugee ban and vowed to hire ten thousand refugees (that’s 10,000!).  This was appalling to me to say the least.  I was a huge Starbuck’s coffee drinker even though I understood that the company policy was generally liberal.  However, this recent statement and outright defiance by their CEO forced me to reexamine my own values and to ultimately put my money where my mouth is.  I have deleted the Starbuck’s app from my iphone and will no longer be giving them my daily business nor drinking their coffee.  I’m not saying that I’ll never drink another cup of Starbuck’s coffee again, but when there’s another option, I will choose it.

Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz Statement:

I was wondering when hearing this disheartening news about Starbuck’s…if you’re truly proud to be an American and grateful to the country that has allowed you the opportunity to own and operate such a large and prosperous company, why wouldn’t you want to give back?  How about hiring ten thousand out of work Americans?  Better yet, why not focus on hiring ten thousand out of work Veterans?  With so much disparity in America, isn’t there a better way to lend a helping hand than to promote an agenda of hate and defy a Presidential Order?  Isn’t’t there a better way?

Report of backlash re: Starbuck’s Statement:

I have chosen to support Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) from this point forward.  It is a Veteran Owned and Operated company.  Not only is there coffee just as good, if not better than Starbuck’s, but in response to Schultz’ statement to hire ten thousand refugees, BRCC made their own vow to hire ten thousand Veterans!  That’s an American company that I am proud to support.  Not only do they support Veterans, but they have a “Thin Blue Line” coffee blend wherein ALL the proceeds from the sale of that blend go directly to support the families of fallen police officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending something greater than themselves.  

Black Rifle Coffee Company Statement:

I have also told my wife, that we, as a family, will be making a concerted effort to buy American.  I’m talking on everything!  Will it be easy and convenient?  Probably not.  But whenever possible, we will be buying only American made products.  Some of my coworkers poke fun at me and tell me it won’t make a difference.  Maybe they’re right.  But if you feel the same as me, and you put your money where your mouth is, it will make a difference. 

I, for one, think President Trump is exactly what this country needs right now.  He wasn’t my first choice, or my second choice for that matter, but he got my vote nonetheless.  I will support his decisions on national security because he is being informed by one of the greatest Secretary of Defense ever, former Marine Corps General James Mattis.  I consider myself a proud American patriot and have sacrificed more than I’m willing to share defending her.  The time for passivity is over.  It’s time to be the change and let your voice be heard.  Together we can Make America Great Again!

If you’re still in denial and don’t think it could happen here, and have somehow forgotten about September 11th, 2001…watch this last video:

Lastly, I apologize for getting on my soapbox, but I’ve just had enough.  If you agree with what I’ve said here, feel free to forward this email on.  More importantly, take a hard look at your beliefs, educate yourself, and make some decisions about what companies you chose to support and what Living American means to you.  If you disagree with me or are tired of hearing my views, I simply ask you to delete my information from your contact list.  I will not be offended.  I have no longer the time in life to waste surrounding myself with those frail people who sleep under the very blanket of freedom that I provide, yet question the way in which I provide it.

May God Bless America…she’s gonna need it!



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