Since this US Presidential Election began in earnest, I have tried to wrap my mind around: “Why Liberals believe that Hillary Clinton is a vivable choice for President of the United States.” Considering the fact that she is a proven liar, and corruption is rampant in her Clinton Cartel, what do average American people see in this person? Surely, they don’t believe she is the consummate role model for their children in America, today. Hillary Clinton is known to be a vituperative personality, especially when she gets upset, and curses her own staff working for her in this election.

If one asks a Liberal about accomplishments performed by Hillary, they cannot do this. Hillary has never done anything for the American people. Instead of naming anything that Hillary Clinton has done that benefitted the folks of America, Liberals will do what they do best, they will curse you out. This shows me a lack of integrity of a typical Liberal response. This just furthers my interest of the reason why Libs and Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is the right choice for America. Would someone give me a sound and intelligent reason for electing this person as our next US President? This woman lied to the parents of the men killed at Benghazi, telling them as they unloaded the bodies at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington DC, that a taped movie was responsible. She has never apologized to these parents. She has called some of them liars. This woman is a most shameful female of the lowest order. Honestly, I don’t know how she sleeps at night.

Hillary Clinton claims to be Methodist. Methodist folks don’t act like she does. They are respectable people who love the Lord. Her religion is between her and the Lord. I don’t judge people; but the Lord gave me a brain to think with, and it just makes one wonder about folks like her. Don’t read this the wrong way, we are all sinners as long as we are on earth. Some of us choose to be “born again” and try to live a Christian life. Hillary thinks the government should pass a law making all Christian Americans give up their faith and follow her way of thinking. This will never happen.

I truly cannot believe that Democrat families want their children to grow up under Hillary’s reign of terror as US President. If her parents are still alive, makes one wonder if they are ashamed of her life or even care.

Donald Trump is not perfect, as we all know. He says he truly loves America, and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t believe four years or even eight years in office is enough time to straighten out all of America’s problems; but Mr Trump could surely begin a new foundation for this country, and so, I voted for him. In the future, maybe Donald Trump, Jr or even Eric Trump may think about running for our nation’s highest office. They would get my vote, also. If Mr Donald Trump can take care of America, half as well as he has in raising his children, that would be a great thing.  






  1. Dear Scott… my great great (great?) aunt is Frances Caroline Calaway…. your great great Grandmother… her father is my great great Grandfather… I apologize if this is a dumb question, are you related to the S.F. Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner? if yes then I possibly could be… in your research have you found anyone of note that I could be related to? Thank you Scott… Patrick Paynter (moovyboy@yahoo.com) in Fresno, Ca

    1. Patrick, I have a 4th or 5th Bumgarner cousin who is from Hudson, NC same place Madison is from and she says we are related to him; but she hasn’t proven it to me as yet. We are supposed to be related to James Garner aka James Scott Bumgarner, and I know a lot about his family but haven’t exactly found the tie to this family. James Garner and my late Dad could have passed for brothers.

    2. Patrick do you have a family tree. I would be interested in seeing it, if so. I have a cousin in Hudson, NC who says we are in the same lineage
      as Madison Bumgarner.

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