ScottBumgarner 04/26/16   Spring is that time of year when winds rotates and blows creates worry and fear  exploding into highs and lows.   Warm air and cool air collide causing hail to form and fall. Scatters stones far and wide created by a dry-line squall.   Big monster is a comin’ mean and very … More RITES of SPRING

A Politically Incorrect Analysis Of Neoconism

  By Chuck Baldwin April 14, 2016 Let me begin with a cold, hard (albeit unpopular) fact: 1. The Neocons in Washington, D.C., are not only America’s greatest threat; they are the world’s greatest threat. Compared to the threat that Neocons pose to world peace and the sheer numbers of people killed by Neocon-generated wars … More A Politically Incorrect Analysis Of Neoconism