America….It Is Now Time To Wake Up

Jack Griffin

Of course Hillary’s numbers are falling. We know when she’s full of sh*t, it’s when she opens her mouth. She’s a terrible human being who doesn’t care one iota for the common American. Benghazi made that perfectly clear. Most of us know she’s not the one for the job. I think we all know we need to look at each candidate through a prism that reveals all their hidden sides. So if a candidate can’t stand the heat of heavy scrutiny, then don’ step to the plate. Frankly as far as politicians are concerned, I’m sick of them all. We know we can’t trust the media for the truth; they’ll put a halo on a candidate and say this is your guy, like they did with Obama.

They counted on us to be stupid and we bought it lock, stock and barrel. We were vulnerable after 9/11, we had our guts ripped out and that was exploited. We were taken advantage of and that was beyond insulting and insidiously evil. CHANGE THEY SAID? We got change alright, Just look at the wonderful change under Obamas rogue leadership. We’ve been regulated more and more, every day the Vultures pick more liberties from our bones. Have you EVER had more anxiety about any sitting President? Obama is a very narcissistic human being. He fronts solidarity with the salt of the earth American publicly; while privately he’s busy having secret parties while Rome burns.

We need a President that understands and looks after our common American values; far from what we’ve got now. Muslims are butchering Christians, journalists, aid workers and even children worldwide. What does our current President do?He shines gay lights on the White House and buries his head in the sand to his Muslim allies and their atrocities; but there are blood stains on his velvet gloves. Watching the body politics is like watching a morality play in the theatre of the absurd.

We are led by the least among us, the least noble. The least honorable people who are morally bankrupt, there is not a crumb of human decency left it seems. They tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to know. We are masterfully manipulated, what is disseminated through the media is bought and paid for by the highest bidder. Nothing is arbitrary, nothing is chance; it’s well-crafted propaganda. Our great Country is circling the drain, because the pantheon of political power has grown rotten to the core. The corruption has grown so pervasive because our leaders feel they can operate with impunity.

They are self-righteous, indignant and indifferent to human suffering as long as their 5 stars are in full swing. But we are at an impasse, a final epoch. We are at a tipping point and MUST hold their feet to the fire, if we are to preserve our way of life. We live in such a politically correct environment people wouldn’t say sh*t if they had a mouth full of it.
We cannot let freedom of speech be something you read about in history books (if said books aren’t ultimately burned).

The wheels of Government have been greased with poison; this corruption has spread and metastasized into a full blown cancer of iniquity.  Somewhere God must be weeping while the devil laughs across oceans of time. Our collective moral compass is not broken my friends, the established lies do not have the power to define us if we take the power back (through non-violently solidarity). Some may say “keyboard revolution” doesn’t help, but I disagree. We have been stripped of our liberties incrementally, and unfortunately must win them back in the same fashion.

Speaking the truth is an act of revolution when you’re prompted and herded by lies.
The truth is like an elephant in the room when you know what to look for, invisible when you don’t.  We need to remind ourselves that though the tone is set from the top, power comes from the bottom up. We can have our way of life back, but it won’t be easy, old tigers sensing the end is near are at their most fierce. But we must think critically, thoughtfully consider each candidate. We must put aside anger as it releases the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase, which seems to reduce IQ.

We CAN outsmart them at their own game,  with freedom from political tyranny as our battle-cry; our country CAN be great again. We can be a beacon in the darkness across the globe once more. Together we can demand justice and a brighter tomorrow shall be our glory. It has never been more vitally important for us to stand together as Americans. We must make sure our government of WE THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE does not EVER perish from this earth. God bless America from sea to shining sea.




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