When man is considered useless
he slowly dies inside
Everything seems baseless
He only wants to hide.

Man lies down to die
seems no one cares
Truth seems like a lie
Life no longer seems fair.

Living a life of pain
Getting older alone
Treated by disdain
Ready to go home.

Always felt adopted
No more family love
Now feels dedopted
Ready for above.

This is something that evolved in about five minutes
from my mind. I have no idea why.


7 thoughts on “DYING INSIDE

  1. Mr. Bumgarner, are you the nephew of one James Scott Bumgarner aka James Garner? If so, I have read in his book “The Garner Files” where you were referenced as the “family historian.” I have found a very nice 1917 image of a Grace Bumgarner when she was a Senior at Norman High School. There is also an image of a younger Freshman identified as a Bumgarner but no first name given. I would sure be glad to share a look you desire. My name is Mark House and my email is mwhouse@cox.net.

    1. Mr House,
      No I am not James Garner’s nephew; although, a family historian says that we are related through his
      gggrandfather Woodford Bumgarner who migrated from North Carolina to Arkansas. I would love to see the photos that you have.

      Best regards:
      Edward Scott Bumgarner

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