The Preacher Man

ESB 04/24/13

As he lay dying
with Angels in the air
not long he would be flying
with a Godly flair

Had lived a long life
served the Lord
no more strife
different accord

Hoped to meet Christ in the sky
Prayers come true
never saying goodbye
flying above the blue

Had lived a Godly life
loved gently and fair
his love given in stride
as much as he might dare

Loved his fellow man
loved his family as well
Of people he was a fan
lived under Jesus spell

When Jesus did appear
he heeded the call
On earth he lost all fear
Caring he wanted to help all

After being called to serve
was eager to start
Life threw a curve
Death tore his family apart

By now lived alone
lots of time to think
Agreed to carry on
did not want to be the kink

Nightly he knelt to pray
Habit with God to talk
Nightly in bed as he lay
Time to walk the walk

Sent to a strange land
was a good choice
With Bible in hand
He lent his voice

Earthly life came to an end
Lord called and he flew away
Met God in his heavenly den
His funeral was today.



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