ESB 071314 Follow me to definelife’s most important factThe Lord’s offering of a lineto Heaven intact. Accept his love and graceGo and spread the wordRead your Bible and keep paceLike a Shepherd caring for his herd. The Lord offers a forgiving respiteHe offers a Heavenly accordFor a world that is so uptightAccept Jesus and earn … More WITHOUT FILM

The Blessing

ESB 042513 Strolling among the treeson a Fall moonlight nightFeeling a gentle breezecaused my heart to feel light Would soon be SpringFlowers would be in bloomMother Nature would bringstorms with a thundering boom Our land in a perpetual droughtput folks to their knees to pray for rainhaving very little doubtGod would abate their pain Nightly … More The Blessing

The Preacher Man

ESB 04/24/13 As he lay dyingwith Angels in the airnot long he would be flyingwith a Godly flair Had lived a long lifeserved the Lordno more strifedifferent accord Hoped to meet Christ in the skyPrayers come truenever saying goodbyeflying above the blue Had lived a Godly lifeloved gently and fairhis love given in strideas much … More The Preacher Man