I Remember When


Most country fans will recognize the title, Remember When, as the name of an Alan Jackson, recorded song. I recognize it as more than a song….a story perhaps, of growing up in the ’50s and ’60s. The song starts out by telling the listener about the first time a young couple made love, and then she cried and the song says, “Remember When”. I “Remember When”.

I suspect the ones of us who grew up in that era, remembers a lot of things that happened, that today’s teenagers know nothing about. Of course, the generation before ours, probably thought or said the same thing. It seems to me that the world was less complicated back in the ‘good Ole days’. Gasoline was 15 cents a gallon, and a pack of cigarettes cost a quarter. Every time I hear a “golden oldie”, it takes me back to that era.

There is not now nor will there ever be Rock and Roll music as good as in those times. Even country music was better than the present form of ‘so-called’ country with the exception of Alan Jackson, George Strait, or Hank, Jr. Very few country stars sing country today, most of it is Pop and would have been heard on “The Hit Parade” which was a popular TV show in the 1950s. In the 50s & 60s Era, Rock and Roll, and Do Wop was the best music.

Back in those days, boys were boys and gals were gals. Boys didn’t wear ear rings, that was reserved for gals. There was no such thing as body piercing other than ear lobes. Tattoos’ were mostly popular in our Armed Forces. Drugs were not much of a problem…..beer and alcohol were the major concerns of the day. I lost a lot of friends that were killed in car wrecks due to driving and drinking most prevalent during the Spring time when Junior and Senior Proms were held. We attended schools whose total populations weren’t nearly as large as some graduation classes are today.

Kids either played sports or participated in band or hoped to become a Star Farmer in FFA. High school football teams were not nearly as large, physically, as teenagers are today. I remember pep rallies and building floats every year for Homecoming’. That was always a big thrill to me to be able to participate in. In my hometown of Davis Oklahoma, the Kiwanis Club held an annual pancake supper. I miss those days. At Halloween, our little one stop-light town blocked off part of main street and detoured traffic for the annual Halloween Carnival. We had cake walks, costume contests, and drawings.

Also, the town held a parade with locals participating. Those were the good Ole days. My generation came of age during the Hippy and Vietnam Era which was a total mess in my opinion. Americans turned their backs on my generation that managed to come home alive, after this war came to a close. Even our own US Government bailed out on our “boys” when the war was over. There was a foliage gas used in Vietnam that was named “Agent Orange”. Our government denied that it existed; but, lots of veterans who fought in that war, died at really young ages due to all types of tumors and cancers.

After many years, Uncle Sam finally admitted that it existed, and that it was made by the Dupont Company. Go figure………America is the greatest country in the world; but, a lot of our leaders are not fit to be elected officials. I really think that most of them go to Washington DC to get rich. Back in the old days, I believe it was an honorable profession to represent ones’ fellow Americans in our US Government; but, today most of them are not worth spitting’ on.

I remember back in the 50s when young boys played “marbles”, and young gals played “jacks”. In our early lives, we were taught at home to respect people who were older than we were, such as our school teachers, pastors, postmen, and policemen. We also learned discipline at home, as well as, school.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance and a Prayer before class began, every day. Since our Judges and Courts have been turned over to the Liberals the last few years, all discipline as it was known in the Ole days, is gone. Today, everything has to be politically correct or problems arise.

Morality used to be a national past time. I believe America is more disrespected today, than respected. I don’t know what has brought on these few thoughts today. Probably because I have been receiving Social Security benefits for a few years. Seems as though I was 19 a couple of years ago, and now I am 69 years of age, and…...I REMEMBER WHEN.


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