Hauling for the Brand

Every load that Dad and I hauled into Oklahoma from the cottonseed mill down in Ennis Texas didn’t always go to the John Butterly Ranch. Every once in a while, we would arrive back into Davis just before the sun set, and sleep at home.

The next day, Dad and Me would arise about the same ole three o’clock in the morning. We would stop at the Greer and Ramsey Magnolia station in Davis for fuel for the rig, and walk across the highway to the Highway 77 Cafe for breakfast.

We would leave Davis about four o’clock in the morning, and head north out of Davis on US 77 headed up north and east of Oklahoma City for Pawhuska Oklahoma. Mr Ben Chapman owned a large ranch up in the Osage Country of Northern Oklahoma.

His ranch foreman was the father of Ben Johnson who became a Hollywood actor. Ben Johnson, Sr was a friend of Dad’s through their associated business at the Chapman Ranch. The city of Pawhuska used to hold and may still hold, a Ben Johnson Memorial Rodeo honoring Mr Ben Johnson, Sr every year. 

We hauled the load of ‘cattle cake’ to the ranch about once or twice a year. I believe I made the trip maybe twice. Again, it has been more than half a lifetime ago….



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