A Long Golf Shot

ScottBumgarner 2013


Back in the middle to late ‘90s, Nettie’s boss Dr Tom Shea gave us the use of his condo in Vail Colorado for a week. We ran around with another couple and traveled on trips, vacations, and weekenders together.

We invited Jimmie and Larry Simpson to spend this week in Vail with us, and they accepted. They had a fairly new Ford minivan, and so we drove it to Colorado with me doing most of the driving.

If I remember correctly, we drove from Sherman to Wichita Falls and up through Amarillo to Dalhart, and across northeastern New Mexico up to Raton Pass, and spent the night.

Next day, we drove to Pueblo and onto the Royal George Bridge. After leaving there we drove west to Salida and then headed north toward Leadville, and onto I-70, and onto Vail.

Larry and I always took our golf clubs. The first day that we played was at Breckenridge. Between the ninth hole and the tenth hole, we stopped at a place where a guy was selling burgers and dogs after grilling them.

I got a burger with mustard and cheese onto a very chrispy bun. I took a small bite of the burger, and I got choked on a small piece of the chrispy bun and thought I was going to choke to death.

It hung in my throat, and Larry would hit me in the back between my shoulders trying to dislodge it; but, it would just go down a little and kept choking me. My eyes were beginning to bulge, and I honestly thought I was going to die right there. We still laugh about it every once in a while; but, it wasn’t too funny while it was happening. Scary to say the least.

We finished our round, and drove back up to this small village just north of Breckenridge, up on the side of I-70. We usually let the women out to shop while we played golf. We picked up the wives, ate, and headed back to Vail.

The condo was quite large and lots of fun. We walked around in Vail and saw the sights. We also carried groceries to eat in the condo, and we ate out some. We rode a tram car up to the top of the mountains around Vail, and it was quite a sight to see.

The next day, Larry and I decided to play golf at the Vail Country Club which was laid out parallel to I-70. From the tee box on the course, one could see a creek which ran parallel to the course, and the service road which sat just below the Interstate Highway running east.

I teed up my golf ball, and chose my three wood to tee off with. I hit the ball very hard, and hooked it up and over the creek, and the service road, and as the ball was soaring up toward I-70, a UPS truck happened to be passing by. I will swear and will always swear that the ball flew into the UPS truck through the side, sliding door that was open.

Although, that has been several years ago, Larry says it is the longest ball shot he has ever seen, and joking says it probably wound up on the east coast somewhere, “kinda like the golf ball hit around the world.”


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