A Cup of Tea

ScottBumgarner 2013


When my wife Nettie was making up her grocery list last week, I requested that she pick up a box of cinnamon tea for late night drinking before bed. My daughter Alicia and son-in-law Denny were coming home Friday night to spend Thanksgiving with us, a week ahead of time. My daughter loves a flavored cup of hot tea before bedtime just as I do.


Alicia prepared me and her a cup of this cinnamon tea, last Friday night before bedtime, and I noticed that it was very, very strong. She left the teabag in each cup, so I figured that was why it was so strong. It almost made me sick because of the strong tea. When I microwave it, I remove the teabag just before I add my Sweet & Low. If it isn’t sweet enough for me, I don’t want it.


Last night, I made me another cup of this strong brew, and again it was so strong. Sometime during the night, I suppose I was dreaming or thinking about this tea, in my sleep, and it dawned on me that this tea is not cup tea; but, pitcher tea, to be brewed on the stove, and steeped before being poured into the pitcher, and placed in the refrigerator.


Sometimes it pays to read the instructions.


My wife Nettie and I wish you and yours a very healthy, peaceful, and safe Thanksgiving. Remember the Lord will bless you if you allow him to do so.


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