Old Stories


Me, Poss, Outlaw, and Conway just sit

tell lies and stories of old

No longer do we get lit

We are no longer so bold.


Stories and tales from yesteryear

or listening to the hits at Turner Falls High

Yes we drank our share of beer

fought the fights of days gone by.


Great to sit and reminisce

of games and fun long past

Those years we all miss

went by too fast.


Classmates have come and gone

old stories told and retold

Some married and some alone

But old stories never get old.


Dedicated to the Four Coyotes of Turner Falls High School, OK.


One thought on “Old Stories

  1. They are not just ‘stories’ my friend…..they are memories that help shape our lives….for better or worse…..to reflect on from time to time. We will die, for certain….but the memories we share with others live on from generation to generation.

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