Pound for Pound

Edward S Bumgarner ©2008 Everyone called him Curly. His real name was Alfred Eugene Deatherage, pound for pound, the best high school football player I ever saw. There have been a lot of good athletes who played football at Davis High in Davis, Oklahoma; but, none that I ever saw was as good as Curly … More Pound for Pound

An Old Soul

ScottBumgarner 060512 As I strolled by An old hobo said hi As I walked away my greeting seemed to make his day He looked like a lost guy sometimes gesturing toward the sky Took him to a café hadn’t eaten for a couple of days As he walked away I felt the need to pray.

Old Stories

ScottBumgarner101113 Me, Poss, Outlaw, and Conway just sit tell lies and stories of old No longer do we get lit We are no longer so bold.   Stories and tales from yesteryear or listening to the hits at Turner Falls High Yes we drank our share of beer fought the fights of days gone by. … More Old Stories

Missed Out

ScottBumgarner 101213 As I sat along the river suddenly I saw you I began to quiver no longer feeling blue.   I saw your radiant face and your beautiful hair Decided to give you space that was only fair.   Thinking to myself out loud I knew it was love at first sight Not wanting … More Missed Out