about Scott Bumgarner…..


I am of Swiss-German Mennonite decent with ancestors coming to America in the early to middle 1700s. After my ancestors arrived and settled in Pennsylvania, they scattered much like all families who came to America to build new lives and produce families, called Americans. We are all fiercely proud of our ancestry, and even more, we are all proud to be Americans.
My families spread to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Three generations ago, most of my ancestors migrated from Texas to Oklahoma where I was born. I came along in late 1944, born in Wynnewood Oklahoma to parents who were hard working people. That is about all they knew in those days, especially after having lived through the Great Depression of 1930.
My Dad was a truck driver from the age of 15 till he retired at age 65. My Mother was a bookkeeper and Mother had a very keen mind for business. I have often said it is too bad she didn’t have the opportunity of achieving a college education. Dad loved animals and dealing with them. He had a way with animals that was hard to explain, but he could make friends with the wildest cattle when no one else could. He just had a knack for it.
I am retired from Texas Instruments and MEMC Southwest with 35 years of service. I graduated high school in Davis Oklahoma in 1963. I played football in high school, and belonged to the Future Farmers of American program. I was President of the Class of 1963 at dear ole Davis High. I have an Associates degree in Business from RICHLAND COLLEGE in Dallas, Texas.

I like to surf the Internet where I publish several blogs with Google. I love to write poetry, as well as short stories. I am an Oklahoma Sooner follower as well as a Christ Follower. I live in Sherman, Texas and have been a resident here for thirty-three years. I am married to the former Nettie Edwards Tate Bumgarner, and we are approaching our 27th anniversary on 01 November, 2013.
This is a second marriage, and a real blessing we feel, from God. Nettie has a daughter, Vanna Kay Tate Foster from her first marriage. Vanna is married to Darren C Foster who originated from Plainview, Texas. They were married in Plainview in 1993. They have three children: Darci who is approaching sweet sixteen status in February, and Dylan who is 13, and Dax who is 8. I am Grandpa, and Nettie is Nana.
My first marriage produced Alicia Bonnell Bumgarner in 1979. Alicia, was named after Alicia Landry, the late Coach Tom Landry’s wife. Alicia married Denny L Foley in the Hill Country just south of Austin Texas, in 2007. There are no grandchildren yet, but we are praying about it.
Nettie and I live in Sherman. She works as a teacher’s aide at Texoma Christian School, and we are both involved with our church, Sherman Bible, in various ways for the Lord. I have been retired since late 2001. 


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