Greatest Fireworks Show

Back in the late ’60s, I remember going with two friends, Mike and Donna Warren, who weren’t married then, to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma for a fireworks show. We were sitting in the bleachers at old Wacker Park waiting for the show to begin.

A Santa Fe train rambled through the park headed north at a slow speed. As the train disappeared from sight, fireworks began to explode. Never did know if someone may have thrown a cigarette off the train; but, something iginited the whole show of fireworks.

Roman candles were exploding in all directions, and other fireworks were exploding and flying through the air causing a lot of people to try and seek shelter down between the bleachers. It was hilariously funny. The fireworks lasted all of 15 minutes, and then the speaker stepped up to the microphone and said: “That’s all folks”.


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